I’m in a wide open space, I’m standing.

I dug deep within. I opened up the bandaged wound. I let it bleed. I let it clot. I let hell break lose in the mind. I am amidst a storm. I see myself grounded firmly as the surroundings are in a disarray. There is this strange sense of calm in watching all the violence.

“You lock the door. You throw away the keys. There’s someone in my head, but it’s not me” .. But, it is me. And no, you will not throw away the keys. I will snatch MY keys back. You will leave and shut the door behind you. Just like they taught you in school.

This may be a calm before or after the storm. I couldn’t care less. For your sake, hope it’s the one after. There is so much rage that I can see you bleed and it makes me happy. More blood, I say. I can feel a warm laughter rising from within the back of my head. I am reclaiming my land.

Run my child back to your orphanage
For now is the change of season.
Turn the page.
Raven riots ravage your demeanor.
All that’s coming off, all that veneer.
Go away and dance.


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