Liaison Words

Solid. Compoundable. Deranged.

The simplicity of love, oft misunderstood.
A smile is not a measure.
A bed, not just pleasure.

The grievance of void, peaked and plateaued.
While the words of life, bleak and subdued.
Dwelling is for the weak. And ranting, for the blued.

Leash in the path. Redo the math.

Sordid for life.
The wish for a knife.
To bottle the wine.
And all that is mine.


The pinkish plight.
Over the silver line.
Rainbows of grey.
A colourful lament and disarray.

A frantic rush to escape the swell.
Placed on a glory-box and thrown in a well.
Eleven hours of fear. The diabetic.
Even the paper cut, severe.

Treason with reason is a crime undone.