Back In The Day

Back in the day, the days were good.

You were a kid.

You were secure.

You were powerful.

You were the athlete.

You were the soldier.

You were the doctor.

You were the villain.

You were the mother. To your mother.

You were the lion.

You were the alien.

You were the man who kicked the dog.

You were the woman who snatched the dessert.

You were the man who ran.

You were the woman who made imaginary tea.

You were what you wanted.

You were.



Back in the day,

Today was not, what today is.


You are just that guy,

Reading this, and ruing.

Ruing what you have done.

To be where you are.

To be who you are.

To be how you are.



Back in the day,

You never rued. 


Plucked, successfully.

To think what could’ve been.

Layers of lies that I’d live in a moment. All the love I’d give in a silver basket on rent.

Just a bed. And you. And wine. And new.

A heartless man lies about his heartlessness.

Like, he had a choice.